Praise for the Benevolent Dictator

“Michael stands out as one of those rare entrepreneurs who started with a blank piece of paper and built a national brand in a crowded field. His book chronicles the seldom discussed aspects of the how-tos of doing it and doing it big, fast.”
—CHRISTOPHER CONNOR, Chairman and CEO, Sherwin-Williams Company

“In this book, Michael reveals step-by-step how an entrepreneur can navigate the twists and turns of building an enterprise. Expect the unexpected in this narrative, which provides ‘the best of the best’ reading on how he did it, and how his experiences can help the reader do it, too.”
—MARRY WEISS, Chairman, American Greetings Corp.

“Sitting through business lectures can be boring at times. Reading The Benevolent Dictator is anything but with its fast-paced prose, punctuated with dry humor. This book uncorks the unique methods that the author used to create huge success by empowering his team and outwitting the competition. Read this book once and it’s guaranteed you’ll refer to it time and time again.”
—FELIX ZULAUF, twenty-year member of the Barron’s Roundtable, The Dow Jones Business and Financial Weekly

“Using his unorthodox teaching style, Michael keeps my high-potential students on the edge of their seats. He guides readers, too, down the path to accelerated success. His secret is a preoccupation with achieving results; his gift is teaching others how to do it.”
—RICHARD L. OSBORNE, Theodore M. Alfred Professor of Management, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University

“Michael Feuer isn’t only ‘benevolent,’ he’s also quick, insightful, experienced, and engaging. His lessons and manner of communicating have produced profound benefits to all who serve with him as he advises our board and leadership team. And that’s exactly what readers will find when they learn from this vital, no-nonsense, no-holds-barred book.” —ALLEN WEISS, MD, MBA, President and CEO, NCH Healthcare System

“The difference between Michael and many other successful CEOs is that he can explain how to replicate his success with his entertaining, yet insightful, and finely honed words. His book accentuates the obvious and unlocks the obscure to help put readers on their own fast track.”
—JACQUELINE WOODS, Chair, Kent State University; retired president, AT&T Ohio