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The Power of One: Day 24 Benevolent Dictator

Book Review by Amee Cantagallo
The Power of One: Day 24 Benevolent Dictator
by Madame Deals on June 3, 2011
This is my journey for a year.  I am starting it to get to know you and perhaps get to know myself better. I want Madame Deals to be a place which you come to because you know you are valued.  We are here to help you make dollar$ out of change. I believe change is hard to accomplish without a team and support. We hope to be your motivational team as you strive towards the life you want. The power of one is my challenge to myself to make a difference. I truly believe every person has the power to create a positive change.
If you believe you can do something, then you can. If you take a talent you have and share it then you have. If you move and work towards a purpose greater than yourself then you have the power. You have the power of one!
I had the pleasure of reviewing the book The Benevolent Dictator by Michael Feuer with Dustin S. Klien.  It is available for sale June 7th on Amazon. I suggest you pick up a copy. I have three reasons. The book is an easy read and is engaging. It will remind you how to manage your time, people, and resources. The final reason is it will teach you when a deal is a deal and when it isn’t.
I often try to remind myself what it means to be a good leader. What does it mean to empower people? How can I implement what I already know in a way that others will emulate?  How can I change a static environment to one that is filled with hope, promise, and profits?  The author, Michael Feuer, founded Office Max. He became successful by learning from his competition and improving upon what he saw. I know it sounds simple but his methodical approach can be applied to any business or goal you are working towards. I took what I learned from his book and brought it to my Monday morning meeting with my team. I have spent several weeks harping on issues and I decided it is better to involve my team in the process then define the process. It is this approach to empowerment, follow up and attention to detail that will grow my team and my ability to lead them.
I suggest you purchase this book and read a chapter each day. I would then apply the new principal each day so you learn them and are able to emulate them without hesitating. I am a wife, mother, teacher, employee, manager, and business owner but above all I am a person who seeks knowledge. I understand that to be good at all my duties involves being a Benevolent Dictator.
I would love to feature the people in your lives who have made the difference. If you have someone you would like to honor. Send an email to [email protected] with their story. On the subject line, place POWER. I love to be inspired!