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Book Review: Be A Benevolent Dictator The Voice Of Entrepreneurs recently reviewed The Benevolent Dictator. The reader/reviewer said: “Great advice on business in general, tips on beating the competition.”

In this review, by The Voice Of Entrepreneurs, The Benevolent Dictator gets high marks. Here’s an excerpt:

The book is written by two authors from opposite ends of the spectrum which gives a great view of theory and practice. Michael Feuer is the cofounder of Office Max, which was founded in 1988; he has worked for Jo-ann Fabrics and some other stores and dealt with Bear Sterns (prior to their demise). He brings great corporate experience to the table, from both a large size store and a small startup.

Dustin S. Klein is the Publisher and executive Editor of Smart Business Network, publishers of Smart Business, the second largest chain of regional business publications. He is also a regular presenter and speaker on a myriad of business issues.

The book is well written on the subject of entrepreneurship, lots of solid advice from professionals who have done it for many years with great results. The book has lots of great personal anecdotes on the different stages of business, a great way to expand your mind.

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